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Confidentiality and privileges disclaimer: 
Above designated pages are subject to authorization and are for authorized users only.  Information therein is confidential and may be subject to privileges under applicable law.  If you are not authorized to access the designated page, please leave this intermediate page and do not attempt to access pages without authorization.  Attempted unauthorized access may invoke legal liability. 
Law Offices Management
Memorandum for Use

Step One:
Select the Page that you are authorized to open that is to the left herewith and double click on it.
Step Two:
Enter the password and open the page.
Step Three:
Upon access, return to this page using "back" command and close the page with restricted access.

Notation:  Upon use of the page with restricted access, do not forget to close the page.  Leaving the page open, unattended may result in access by other persons who may use your computer with an open link.  Do not disclose the password to any third persons.

Any questions to use: call ARP